M&T Auto Body does more than repair damaged cars. It goes out of its way to help customers deal with the “side-effects” of a collision – from post-accident shock to navigating insurance claims. Drivers are people too.

M&T Auto Body Names Winner – Michelle Sherba

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, ridden a subway, plane or train, or visited a secure municipal building, the turnstile or security gate you passed through could have been manufactured by M&T Auto Body’s second carwash winner. Michelle Sherba, a Hinckley native and Granger Township resident, whose company makes turnstiles used worldwide, won [...]

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Extreme Winter Car Tips

With record-breaking cold weather this winter, there are few safety measures you can easily perform to keep your car in tip top shape for safer handling. Keep your gas tank close to full In the summer, you can take a chance and run down to fumes. But in the winter, if you do get stuck or stranded, [...]

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M&T Auto Body’s iPad Mini Winner is Mighty Amazed

After 14 years living in the wooded surroundings of Sharon Township, Sue Dietz experienced her first deer collision. It was just after sunset and, aware of the season, she was on the lookout for deer. Suddenly, one appeared on the side of the road, stunned by the headlights, and hesitated. Had it veered right instead [...]

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One Who Gives Back, Gets Back from M&T Auto Body

We have a winner ... in more ways than her $100 win in M&T Auto Body's raffle at the Hinckley Arts & Crafts Fair last weekend. Cathy Thomas, of Medina, Ohio, has been attending Our Lady of Grace's Gingerbread House Workshop at the fair for four years, as part of her family's holiday preparation and [...]

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All Shook Up

When an out of control driver on the highway hit the rear driver's side of [we'll call her] Barb's Kia Sportage, it threw our long time customer's vehicle into an uncontrollable and terrifying weaving; narrowly missing hitting several other vehicles on the highway and almost rolling over, before the Kia finally came to a stop [...]

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