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Happy Beginnings

Erynn Maynard’s Rescue & Follow Up

You may recall the story of a young woman traveling alone this summer by car to meet her fiance in St. Louis, when the hood of her car flew open and smashed her windshield. She was towed to M&T Auto Body on a Friday evening, understandably shaken, but uninjured. We helped her with lodging, transportation, repairs, handling insurance. The romance in the story is that her fiance jumped in his car and came to get her – it was an opportunity to become her Prince Charming.

The Story’s Happy Ending

mtab-thank-you-2Here’s another thank you card we received from Erynn, to let us know she was married this summer and is now enrolled at Penn State working on her PhD. We’re thrilled to know that such an upsetting incident – being stranded alone in a strange place – ultimately led to a fairy tale ending … and bright beginnings.

We understand how stressful accidents can be, which is why we do our best to take care of the person as well as the vehicle.

Thank you to those who entrust us with your friends and family, by referring them to M&T Auto Body. Whether a local or someone passing through, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve.


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