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Restoring Faith

Helping Erynn Maynard

At M&T Auto Body, we do more than repair cars … in Erynn’s words, we helped in restoring faith.

Erynn’s Story

as told by John Feagan

Erynn was traveling by herself from Buffalo to St.Louis to join her fiancé, when suddenly her hood flew up, smashed her windshield and scared her terribly.

A local towing company brought her and her car to my shop at 4:50pm Friday. She had no one to help her and no where to go and no way to fix car over weekend. The tow truck driver left her with us at the shop.

After we calmed her down and let her know we wouldn’t abandon her she finally stopped shaking and crying. My secretary Kimmie called local hotels and they were more than Erynn wanted to spend. Then she told us she is an outdoors person and had her backpacking equipment, including a tent, with her. So we called up Willow Lake Park in Brunswick and they had campsites. She thought she might have to camp out till MONDAY when her family was going to be coming thru to join her in St Louis.

Knowing her situation I loaned her one of my personal vehicles so she could get to the campground and any supplies she needed. Gave her my cell phone number so she wouldn’t feel alone and Friday night she went camping. Saturday morning she called me at 8:30am and told me the folks at the campground were fantastic and treated her like family. Also that her fiancĂ© jumped in his car in the middle of the night and was almost to her to pick her up.

Another funny little bit to the story was that she had told us of several things that have gone wrong since she got engaged and maybe someone was telling her something. So we were thrilled when we found out he drove half the night to come rescue her. She got her car on her return trip to Buffalo on Monday.

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