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M&T Auto Body Names Winner – Michelle Sherba

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event, ridden a subway, plane or train, or visited a secure municipal building, the turnstile or security gate you passed through could have been manufactured by M&T Auto Body’s second carwash winner. Michelle Sherba, a Hinckley native and Granger Township resident, whose company makes turnstiles used worldwide, won M&T Auto Body’s April drawing for referring a new customer.

The avid softball player, golfer and kayaker grew up enjoying all the outdoor activities our area MetroParks have to offer. For this outdoor-loving business woman, the fact that commercial car washes are the more environmentally-friendly way to keep vehicles clean, means the 30 days of free car washes at Buckeye Super Wash in Brunswick and Medina provided by M&T Auto Body, enable her to take care of both her car, as well as the parks and streams where she grew up.

It has been reported that automatic car washes use less than half the amount of water of even a careful home car washer. Computer controlled systems and high pressure pumps at commercial car washes help reduce water usage to less than half that of at-home car washing. Compare the less than 45 gallons of water used per commercial wash to a typical usage of 80-120 gallons at home.

While Sherba lives and works within a ten mile radius, her active lifestyle has taken her around the world. Having traveled Europe and Brazil, and just returned from Hawaii, Sherba enjoys visiting Las Vegas.

The opportunity to win 30 days of unlimited carwashes has been extended through the month of May. Get details here.

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